The Odle Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) is a dedicated group of parents and staff working together for the education and well-being of all the students in the Odle community. 

The Odle PTSA sponsors multiple educational and fun activities throughout the year to benefit Teachers, Parents and Children such as: 

  • 6th Grade Camp Orkila Support
  • 7th Grade Cultural Extravaganza Support
  • 8th Grade Graduation Party and Ceremony
  • Special projects, speakers and social activities
  • Grants to Teachers to support INNOVATION in the classroom
  • Extend Tutorial 
  • Assist Band, Orchestra and Choir
  • Math & Chess Clubs

We strive to build a strong partnership between school and families to help every child achieve their potential. We strive for excellent communication between parents and school. Our Parents’ commitment to Odle is an integral part of enriching our children’s academic and social development. We encourage each and every family member to take an active role in their child's education. Your participation is critical to our success.