Odle artists arise! Reflections is ON now and is calling creative minds! Unleash your artistic talent and participate in Reflections 2020- 2021!!!                                                                             
Reflections is a nationally acclaimed student recognition program to encourage artistic creativity in the classroom and at home. Students of all grades and abilities may participate and explore the arts based on the 2020-2021 theme: " I Matter Because..."


Students submit their completed works of art in one or all the available arts categories. This year, students will be submitting entries virtually only. More information regarding virtual submission is on the way.

Deadline:  November 19th, 2020  (The deadline is extended to November 25th, Wednesday.)

Art Areas: A student may submit an entry in any of six arts areas. Only original works of art are accepted. The six art areas are:

Literature – works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, prose, drama, short stories, and lyrics.


Music Composition – original musical composition, with or without words.


Photography – color or black and white, included techniques: photogram, negative sandwich, and multiple exposure.


Visual Arts – drawing, painting in tempera, oil, acrylic, watercolor & t-shirt paints, computer generated art, two-dimensional collage, printmaking, needlework &

                leather tooling.


Film/Video – original works, with or without sound, of animation, narrative, documentary, experimental or music video/film.


Choreography/Dance – originally choreographed dance composition.


The special artist division is an option for students with a disability as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act(ADA).

Art Rules: Click a category to see rules/guidelines

Literature, Music Composition, Photography, Visual Arts, Film/Video, Choreography/Dance, Special Arts


Student Entry Form: Download the Student Entry Form.

Downland the student entry form and then fill out the form correctly. It is acceptable for you to type your names for signatures in the fillable PDF form. Otherwise, you may fill out the form by hand. In this case, you need to scan your form in PDF and make sure that it is clearly legible. 


Virtual Submission:  Student Entry Form and your Artwork.

Submit the filled-out student entry form and your artwork via email or Google upload.

Even it is a virtual submission, all participants must folllow art rules above. Additionally, for the national entry, students will be required to submit teh actual physical artwork.


More Resources:  

Washington State PTA Reflections Program Details, Previous Winners, FAQ, etc.

Facebook for WSPTA Reflections  Need help in taking a good photograph of your artwork? Here’s a video from an art teacher.  

Questions? Contact Namhee Chae and Renee Xie, Odle Middle Reflections Co-chairs, at reflection@odleptsa.com.