Odle i-Connect Announcement

Thank you to everyone who attended Thursday June 6th I-Connect meeting Digital Citizenship:  What we learn from the Odle students Digital Citizenship contest and Strategies for a positive use and experience of Social Media 

We were honor to welcome our speaker, Ms. Leslie Lizotte, Odle Middle School Research Technology Specialist. She shared with us perspectives from students' contest on digital citizenship and provided insight into students’ social media behavior in the Odle Community as well as what's the school has addressed and planned to do next year to continue helping students to approach social media in a positive way. There is also discussion of parents' concerns they have about social media at home including cyberbullying and the appropriate control parents have on their students' use of social media. The meeting concluded with ways in which social media platforms can be used to project a positive self-image, particularly in the context of college and job applications.  The discussion is informative with many practical takeaways to empower parents to be more effectively helping their students to navigate the realm of social media.  We would like to extend a big thank you to Ms. Lizotte sharing her insight and experience with our community!  


If you have questions, concerns, suggestions or comments please do not hesitate to contact us at i-connect@odleptsa.org.

~ Your Odle I-Connect Organizers: Tricia Yong, Deb Grover, Abhi Patil, Lisa Okahata, Jessica Pan



Odle i-Connect

Building Connections, Strengthening Community

Who We Are

We are Odle Middle School parents, just like you, who want to connect with others to discuss topics relevant to the middle school years. I-Connect provides a forum for parents to get advice and to give feedback on what other parents are doing about various concerns/issues. We hope that, by sharing our experiences and thoughts, we will build relationships, foster participation, and strengthen our Odle Middle School community.

What We Believe

We believe in the open and ongoing exchange of ideas, the importance of building connections, and the value of learning from one another.

What We Do

We connect new and existing Odle parents to build and strengthen our community. With this goal in mind, we do the following:

  • Have Monthly Meetings: We have informal meetings once a month to share our thoughts and experiences around topics such as education, parenting, diversity, and community.
  • Organize Special Events: We put together various events throughout the school year, including social events, information sessions, and lectures by professional speakers.
  • Serve as a Resource: For parents who are new to the school or are English language learners, we can put you in touch with parents who can help you get connected.

Why We Do It

During the middle school years, many parents feel disconnected, getting less and less information from their students, teachers, and school. I-Connect strives to fill that void by providing a community connection.

To Learn More about I-Connect

If you want to learn more about i-Connect, please email the I-Connect organizers, Tricia Yong, Deb Grover, Abhilasha Patil, Lisa Okahata, Jesssica Pan and Rubina Virani i-connect@odleptsa.org.