PTSA Programs are established to benefit all of the Odle community. They are supported and sanctioned by the Odle PTSA. All of these programs are funded by the Odle PTSA through fundraisers we held throughout the year. See Fundraisers page for ways that PTSA raises funds to support the programs, without your support, these activities would not be possible!
Here is the slides from Odle PTSA club informational meeting held on 9/27/2020.
PTSA sponsored programs include:

You can help support Odle programs by:


  • Be aware, be involved, and be supportive!
  • Stay connected through our weekly Viking News and website
  • Attend and participate in events
  • Volunteer to be a chair or help on a committee
  • Donate supplies, food or funds
  • Join PTSA
  • Give generously to fundraisers!