Wondering what to get your student's teachers and school's staff this holiday season? Here are some of their favorite things - making your shopping easier! **Hint - pens, Post-It notes, and colored papers seem to be top of classroom supplies wishlist, but check out their favorite snacks, candies, beverages etc too.
Alex Hashimoto
Ali Smallwood
Allison Shulkin
Amy Helm
Amy King
Candice Sutton
Carol Losi
Chelsea Nave
Darma Hartzell
Debby Benzinger 
Emily Evanson
Erin Thomas
Greg Auger
Hope Isitt
Kat Farka 
Katherine Gauthier
Kristen Johnston
Kristen Moore
Marc Linn
Marily Kelley
Mary Shahrvini 
Nickie Alexander
Sam Nelson
Tanya Pillchowski
Yusra Obaid