It is easy to help the PTSA earn money for school supplies and equipment through our weekly grocery and other shopping:

Through the eScrip program, merchants have contributed millions to schools and groups throughout the nation! Whether an independent local merchant or a national chain-merchant commitment to the education of our children should be commended, including Safeway.

Contribute a 1-4% of your purchases at Safeway and Bartell’s through the eScrip program by registering your loyalty cards online. For extra credit, ~3% of your purchases from select retailers like Nordstrom, Barnes & Noble, Gap, REI and BestBuy is donated to the PTSA if you begin your shopping from their link on eScrip or download their AutoEarn app to your computer. Here is the eScript form to sign up your Safeway Card.  (This must be done annually.)

Odle Middle School eScrip Group ID#8565400

Payment Types That Earn Contributions
Safeway and Vons eScrip contributions are not earned on purchases paid for with a credit card. So please note, purchases made with a credit card do not earn contributions.

Please use any of the following payment types to earn for your organization:
Debit Card, Check, Cash, SmartCheck, Gift Card, WIC, and SNAP
Please feel free to contact our treasurer at for any questions.