Microsoft Employees - Donation Match
Microsoft offers a generous giving program for its employees. If you are a Microsoft family and have yet to give $12k this year (the program limit), please apply for the Microsoft match for all of your givings! You can do that by going to http://give/ (Microsoft corporate network address) and search for "Odle Middle School PTSA". Note that Microsoft also has a related program, where volunteer hours can also be submitted. Please consider doing that, too. 
Microsoft Employees - Volunteer Hours Matching
Microsoft will make cash donations to Odle for Microsoft employees that volunteer with the PTSA. Microsoft employees should report their volunteer hours here: https://www.microsoftvolunteermanager.org/. Microsoft pays the PTSA $25/hour for your time. Microsoft employees, please do consider volunteering!
Please tell us if other employers have similar programs. We're happy to include that information here, too.