2020-2021 Odle Student Directory distribution

Dear Odle families,

Odle PTSA has provided student directory in the previous years to Odle students. This year as well PTSA has strived to provide the same service to the Odle families.

Families who chose opt out sharing their contact information during registration process have not been included in the student directory.

Because of the constraints imposed by the pandemic, PTSA is planning on distributing the Directory books in the following manner:

  1. Remote students can collect their copy when they return their material at school.

  2. In person 6th and 7th graders can pickup directory on the last day of school.

  3. 8th graders will be able to pickup their copy at graduation ceremony from PTSA volunteers.

Hope you have wonderful summer!

Odle PTSA directory committee

2021-2022 Odle Middle School PTSA Nomination

[Update] Nominees were elected in accordance with WSPTSA Bylaws article 5 section 6B on 6/10/2021.

The 2021-2022 Odle Middle School PTSA nominating committee hereby places the following names for names into nomination:

For the office of: President: Li-Tan Hsu

For the office of Vice President: Tracy Mayclin

For the office of Vice President: Bhavna Bhargava

For the office of Treasurer: Yinglin Perera

For the office of Assistant Treasurer: Jun Zhang

For the office of Secretary: Courtney Baxtron

These are the officers that must be voted in by the membership. They are all talented and eager to serve. It’s going to be a great year.The nominating committee has confirmed that all nominees have been members of the Odle PTSA for at least 15 days prior to the election, and meet all other requirements as stated in the WAPTA Uniform Bylaws.

Respectfully Submitted by the 2021-2022 Nominating Committee:

Chelsea Lientz, Liang Sun, Qi Zhan

Golden Acorn and Crystal Apple Awards

Each year, our PTSA presents Golden Acorn Awards to volunteers who have given exemplary service to the students and community of Odle Middle School. Golden Acorn Form for volunteer: https://forms.gle/rhgXAmfnTiZ1xYnA9

Each year the Odle PTSA recognizes a teacher who has helped Odle students and parents over and above what is normally expected. Crystal Apple Form for educator: https://forms.gle/wxrp8Ri4yxkQVgHbA We invite students and parents to nominate a volunteer and a teacher for this year's award!

Odle PTSA is looking for parents

Odle PTSA is looking for parents who would like to serve on the board or as chair of a committee.  Even if (or especially if) you’re new, I hope you will participate in helping plan programs in the 2021-22 school year.  



In elementary school, chairing a committee was a ton of work, is it the same in middle school?

No. 😃 Since the kids are older and learning to self-advocate, you’re organizing not providing childcare.   If you chair an event /activities committee you can often get student volunteers to do lots of the work (and they’re actually helpful!)

What is a good job if I don’t really want to be around a bunch of people?

Treasurer—we need two.  The budget is way smaller than it was at some elementary PTSAs, but there are still bills to pay and checks to cash.  It’s vital, easy, and about ½ hours a week (onsite).

I work during the school day.  How can I help?

Membership chair—it’s mostly database management. 

Webmaster—easy updates.

Communications—that’s mostly the weekly newsletter.  People submit, and you publish.


I liked helping in the elementary classrooms, where should I help now?

           Programs—working with teachers/staff to get events planned

           Fundraising—WAY easier than in elementary. Mostly online efforts.

I can commit to one project a year.


           Staff appreciation

           Membership (ok there is a little to do monthly, but not much)