Science Circle Club

Odle Middle School science club is back 'virtually' this year to promote science interest and learning on key science topics amongst our students. This club is for all students who are passionate and want to explore new science topics with similarly motivated peers. We'll have a structured learning plan in the science circle that'll closely follow the recommended curriculum from Science Olympiad.However, the science circle is open for all and not restricted to any competition participants.

As in the past, the club is run by parent volunteers and sessions will depend on teaching signups by parent and high school volunteers. Lessons plans will be provided to the volunteers. Initially we are opening 30 spots (first come first serve) and based on volunteer signups we might open more.

Club timings are Tuesdays 4:00-4:45pm using Microsoft Teams.
To signup your child and show interest in teaching please complete the form below. Signup will be open till Sunday Oct 4th.

2020 Odlecienceircle Club Signup

NOTE: This signup is 'ONLY' for the club.ciencelympiad signups will be done separately. Please read the information below regarding SO.

Science Olympiad (SO) competition

Science Olympiad is on this year! And every year Odle students participate in SO competition.  We are happy to share that this year we can take up to 6 teams from our school. Although we have more spots this year, we also have to figure out many logistical challenges due to the current unpredictable, pandemic situation. SO has come up with new rules/guidelines for conducting the competition in a safe manner in this environment. However, we are still awaiting clarifications on some key topics from the regional coordinator. As we work through how this year's competition will look like for our district/region, we will update on signup. More details to come!

For questions, please contact:

Odle Math Club

Odle Math Club

Odle Math Club is going online for 2020-2021 school year!

For math club classes this year:

1) All classes will be hosted online.
2) There will be NO placement test this year. Instead, students can freely decide which class to attend.
3) Switching class after the initial registration is allowed which requires a re-submission of the registration form. No further approval is needed.
For details of the math competitions, we are in the process of planning out how to best participate this year and more information will be provided later.
Here is the registration link to join the math club:

Odle Coding Club

Odle Coding Club

In this club, students will learn about the important concepts of coding through the language of Java. Classes are taught by high school students with coding experience. Classes will be held on Thursday on Teams from 4:00-4:45 pm. Classes will start on October 1, 2020. 

  • The Introductory Coding Club will teach students everything they need to know to begin their journeys in coding, including variables, types, conditionals, loops, functions, and more. Sign up here:  
  • The Intermediate Coding Club is for students who have mastered the concepts of Introductory Coding and want to continue their coding journeys. Topics of classes may include but are not limited to basic data structures, sorting algorithms, trees, recursion, and graphics. Sign up  here:  
  • The Advanced Coding Course is meant for students that have already completed the Intermediate session of Coding Club or feel proficient with the content covered in the Intermediate session. Our goal is to teach students different algorithms and approaches towards solving unique problems and to be able to apply these skills in a competitive environment. Topics covered will include but are not limited to algorithmic complexity, advanced data structures, graphs, algorithmic problem solving, preparation for programming competitions, and a survey of higher level computer science. Sign up for here:

If you have questions, please email:


Odle Debate Club


Odle Debate Club:

Odle DebateClub seeks to inculcate research, public speaking, critical thinking, advocacy, and communication skills in its members to empower them in the real world. We meet every Monday from 4-4:45 PM to offer a variety of instruction to students. From lectures to speaking exercises, we hope to empower every student to become confident in their intellectual potential. Our curriculum centers around the basics of argumentation/delivery/learning for introductory students, and progresses into policy debate fundamentals as the year progresses. 

Registration form will be available soon.

Chess Club

Chess Club

Calling all chess players!

Whether you are just learning the game or are an experienced tournament player, Odle Chess Club has a place for you! Chess club is coached by two Interlake High School students (and Odle alumni), both of whom are 1900+ rated, life-long chess players.

Our club is currently hosting weekly online tournaments on Fridays from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. on where players can hone their chess skills by playing against Odle students, other BSD middle schoolers, and the Odle Chess Club coaches. In addition to these weekly tournaments, beginning Thursday, October 1, chess club will meet weekly over Teams from 4:00-4:45 p.m. for more targeted instruction focused on helping players improve, no matter their level.

In order to provide differentiated instruction, players will typically be divided into three groups: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. If you would like to join Odle Chess Club for our weekly online tournaments, please create a free account and join Odle Chess Club online now! If you have any questions or want to participate in weekly instruction, please email our coaches, Teddy Roberts and Pranav Kurungod Anoop, at

Spelling and Vocabulary Club

Club purpose:

To get the kids know spelling and vocabulary through language patterns, etymologies and roots. This will also help them prepared for spelling bees.

Club leadership format and contact:

Mayura Vuchuru (volunteered in conducting Spiritridge elementary spelling bee for 3 years along with Jennifer Schultz). I have coached both my twins for the competitions and they were in the top 50 in Scripps nationals prelims(that had both spelling and vocabulary) and were ranked 2nd and 7th in another national level competition conducted at MIT this summer 2019. Saharsh was placed 4th in Scripps Seattle regionals and 4th in Hexco national competition., 425-281-6093

Club membership enrollment rule:

Any Gen Ed or gifted students can enroll in the club.

Code of conduct for membership participation:

Kids who miss 3 classes without a valid reason will be excluded from the club.

Timeline for club activities: Club meets every month first Thursday from 4:00 PM to 4:45 PM starting October 2020 to March 2021 on VS teams Competitions participating if any: Scripps Spelling bee (

Representative selection if any:

School spelling bee competition will be held in the school. Anybody who is interested in spelling bee can take part in it irrespective of if they are in the club or not. Also she will enroll the school and will have exclusive access to all the resources and will share out whatever is needed to everyone participating in the event.

Facility usage plan :

Online on teams.