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Working together, our children succeed
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"March Magic" 

 The 2015 Odle PTSA Spring Fundraiser

The Odle PTSA invites all families to participate in the annual spring fundraiser.  This year's event is a pass-the-hat style fundraiser for the entire month of March.  All families are encouraged to make a financial contribution to the Odle PTSA and help make Odle's vision a reality.

 The Odle PTSA supports numerous programs/activities throughout the school.  Watch the Viking News all month long to see the great items that the school needs. 

50% of the PTSA's annual budget comes from the Spring Fundraiser!

 Our goal for "March Magic" is to raise $15,000 to continue to fund these incredibly valuable educational enhancements, which serve ALL Odle students. 

 We need everyone's support! Whether you can contribute $500, $250, $100, $15, or any amount in between.

Every dollar helps!  Your participation is the "Magic" that we need!  Please make a contribution by March 31.

 3 Easy Ways to Create some MAGIC:

Via PayPal

 Mail a Check                                      Drop off a check in the main office
Payable to "Odle PTSA"                      Payable to "Odle PTSA"
Attention: March Magic                     Note "March Magic" on the check
11650 SE 60th St. Bellevue, WA 98006

We Sincerely Thank You for your Support,
The Odle PTSA
Christy Bear & Susie Pietz - PTSA Co-VPs Fundraising

P.S.  Don't forget to double the magic by requesting your matching funds from your employer!

All donations are tax-deductible.

"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." --Roald Dahl

The Nominating Committee Presents Slate for 2015-16 PTSA Officers

The Odle Middle School PTSA Nominating Committee is pleased to announce the 2015-16 slate of officers to our members. PTSA members will have the opportunity to vote on these officers on Tuesday, March 17th, during our PTSA General Meeting (location TBD). Participation in the selection of PTSA leaders is a privilege of membership and an obligation to the success of our work for our kids. 

Co - Presidents:  Michelle Deerkop and Susie Pietz
Secretary: Karen Xu
Treasurer: Lily Yin
Assistant Treasurer: Amelia Kwok
Vice Presidents: Adam Dibba, Jian Zeng, Linda Guo, Jing Zhou

In addition, the Nominating Committee has identified several candidates to fulfill Board of Director positions and will be passing along recommendations for positions such as Fundraising, Communications, Grants, and Past President.

Susie Pietz, Shaila Shetty, Shirley Sun
2015-2016 Nominating Committee

Spring Book Fair 

A Spring Book Fair is coming to the Odle library! The book fair will be held Monday, April 27th (after school), Tuesday, April 28th and Wednesday, April 29th (before/after school and during both lunches), and Thursday, April 30th

 from 3 to 7 pm. Volunteers are needed to help set up the book fair, patrol the book fair and with general duties. Please contact library specialist Mariel Pachucki at 425-456-6654 or<> for more details. Thank you! 

Volunteer needed for Odle Book Fair 

Odle will have book fair from Apr. 27 to Apr. 30. Please sign up the volunteers for book fair at the link:

"Plunder Shack" Donation Needed  

Hello Esteemed Parents, 

I am writing to ask for your help. Since last year, Odle students have been working hard to earn "Odle Bucks" from their teachers by doing well in their classes or random acts of kindness that are deserving of a reward. The students then use their "Odle Bucks" to buy various items at our school "Plunder Shack" every Friday during lunch in the cafeteria. Almost all of the items for the store are donated and we are running low on items. If you have the capacity to donate items either personally or through company connections, that would be so appreciated. Some examples of items that have previously been donated are: toys, hats, school supplies, notebooks, jewelry, Sounders and Seahawks gear, stuffed animals, headphones, card games, video games, gift cards, Microsoft Surface tablets, and Amazon Kindles. Anything would be greatly appreciated as we hope to keep the Plunder Shack going and make it even more exciting for the future. 

Donated items may be brought to the front office or mailed to the school. Thank you so much for your support! 

Ashley Page
Success Coordinator
Odle Middle School

Important Notice about eScrip

Through the eScrip program, merchants have contributed millions to schools and groups throughout the nation! Whether an independent local merchant or a national chain-merchant commitment to the education of our children should be commended, including Safeway. For November 2014, Odle received $186 via eScrip program. Odle school will get more if more families signed up the e-script program.  

If interested, please fill the form of Safeway, Bartell and Fred Meyer in the Odle PTSA website and turn in main office. The Odle PTSA forms link is:
Payment Types That Earn Contributions 

Safeway and Vons eScrip contributions are not earned on purchases paid for with a credit card. So please note, purchases made with a credit card do not earn contributions.
Please use any of the following payment types to earn for your organization: 
Debit Card, Check, Cash, SmartCheck, Gift Card, WIC, SNAP/CalFresh, and Fast Forward Debit Card (Northern California Only)

Amelia Kwok

E-Script Chair

Second Round of Box Tops Submission

Look for "Box Tops for Education" coupons on the boxes and cans that can be cut out, and redeemed for cash for our school. Each box top is only worth 10 cents, but could be worth hundreds of dollars to Odle when combined!

Please look around at home, especially for products like General Mills, Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, Kleenex, Nature Valley, Progresso soups, Old El Paso, Hamburger Helper, Lloyd's Barbecue, Yoplait, etc. 

Cut the Boxtop labels and put them into Ziploc bags with your 7th period teacher name. Turn in the bags of labels to the collection box in the office. The class with the most labels will have  donuts. Collection deadline will be Feb 13, 2015.

Please feel free to contact Amelia Kwok at for any questions.

Walkabout Program at Odle

Thank you to all who attended the Walkabout training given by Principal McDowell.  It was well attended and extremely informative.  If you would like to see the presentation, please email
Come join other parents in building a strong, safe community at Odle any day of the week.  A positive adult presence can deter bullying and create a happier academic and social environment.  You are not there to police the student body or enforce rules...just enjoy Odle's dynamic campus.  Please sign in at the office and don a gorgeous, orange vest!  Check the  signupgenius link for times.  Even a few minutes here or there is appreciated!


11650 SE 60th st.
Bellevue, WA 98006

Would you wish to contact PTSA , please use the contact form here.


Odle PTSA Mission Statement

Odle Middle School PTSA mission is to promote participation of all parents. We believe that it takes communication, collaboration and teamwork to create an outstanding school.





PTSA General Membership Meeting
Election of 2015-16 PTSA Board
Tue 03/17 7pm - 8pm
Stevenson Elementary Library 
14220 NE 8th St, Bellevue WA 98007

Spring Book Fair
April 27 -30 

Bellevue PTSA Parent Eduation: 

March 19 9:00am-10:30am
Panera in Factoria Mall

Anything Goes at BHS -Theater Event
March 19, 20, 21, 
Bellevue High School

Bellevue PTSA Parent Eduation: Empathy and Education
March 25, 6:30
Jubilee Reach
14200 SE 13th St

ABC's of School Based ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis)
April 02 5:30pm-7:30pm
WISC Rainier Room
12241 Main St.

Science Fair Host by Interlake
April 15 3pm-5pm

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